slides vom retrogamig-vortrag vom chaos-bbq-weekend 2018
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Retrogaming-Vortrag - Slides

Table of contents

  1. Install Node.js (4.0.0 or later) and npm

  2. Clone the repository

    $ git clone
  3. Install the necessary Font locally on your computer

    mkdir -p ~/.font
    cp reveal.js/retrotalk/font/Nintendo\ DS\ BIOS.ttf ~/.fonts/

    Maybe you have to install your font to ~/.fonts instead of ~/.font, depending on your distro (ubuntu uses ~/.fonts). Also make sure to restart your Browser to make it utilize the font (it looks pixelated).

  4. Navigate to the folder

    $ cd reveal.js
  5. Install dependencies

    $ npm install
  6. Serve the presentation and monitor source files for changes

    $ npm start
  7. Open http://localhost:8000 to view your presentation.
    You can change the port by using npm start -- --port=8001.

  8. If you want all on one page, e.G. to print this out, append ?pdf-print to the link like so: http://localhost:8000/?pdf-print You can now print the presentation if you like.

  9. Navigate through the Slides using the Arrow-Keys (Correct order is pressing down until you reach the Bottom, then richt, then down to the Bottom again and so on...). Press Escape to go to the Overview.

Folder Structure

── retrotalk/
   ├── css/
   │   └── theme/
   │       └── retro.css # theme for the slides
   ├── font/
   │   └── Nintendo DS BIOS.ttf # primary font used for slides. copy to your home-font-folder
   └── image/
      └── *.(png|jpg) # diverse images
── # markdown file of the slides
── index.html # open this in browser with http://localhost:8000



MIT licensed

Copyright (C) 2017 Hakim El Hattab,